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Eddie Murphy, Actor: The Nutty Professor. Edward Regan Murphy was born April 3, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, to Lillian (Laney), a telephone operator, and Charles.

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Eddie Murphy - Rotten Tomatoes Eddie Murphy Celebrity Profile - Check out the latest Eddie Murphy photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, news, forums and blogs at Rotten.

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Kid Cudi — Wikipédia Kid Cudi, parfois stylisé KiD CuDi, de son vrai nom Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, né le 30 janvier 1984 à Cleveland dans l'Ohio, est un rappeur, chanteur et acteur.

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Eddie Van Halen | Van Halen News Desk From Rolling Stone and EVH Gear: Eddie Van Halen is marking the 40th anniversary of Van Halen's self-titled debut LP with a trio of tribute guitars – the Super '78.

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Eddie Albert - Wikipedia Eddie Albert, pseudonimo di Edward Albert Heimberger (Rock Island, 22 aprile 1906 – Los Angeles, 26 maggio 2005), è stato un attore e attivista statunitense.

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Eddie Munster - Wikipedia Eddie Munster is a fictional character on the CBS sitcom The Munsters,he was portrayed by Butch Patrick in the original TV series who portrayed him in all episodes.

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Eddie (1996) - IMDb Directed by Steve Rash. With Whoopi Goldberg, Frank Langella, Dennis Farina, Richard Jenkins. Eddie is a New York limo driver and a fanatical follower of the New York.

8 Re: Eddie the Kid Heartbreak Kid: Charles Grodin, Cybill. Heartbreak Kid: Charles Grodin, Cybill Shepherd, Jeannie Berlin, Audra Lindley, Eddie Albert, Mitchell Jason, William Prince, Augusta Dabney, Doris.